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Script/copywriting: Lisa Richardson
Storyboard & Design: Kelly Kurtz
Animation: Kelly Kurtz
Art Direction: Kelly Kurtz
, James Kim & John Wooton
Photography & Photo Editing: Ana
Project Managers & Producers: Diana B, Jess Martin, Kent Houston
Voice Over Talent: Verity King
Sound Design: Jeff Yellen (Ridgeline Sound)
Music: Evergreen by Blake Ewing

Special thanks Matt Dean & James Kim for the valuable & candid feedback, as always.


A short :30s animated video that showcases the concept and process of used gear that is still good to go keeping Arc’teryx products in action and out of the landfill.

The challenge was to represent Arc’teryx as an evolving brand but also give a unique voice to the Used Gear Program.

The Brief

Arc'teryx Used Gear

animated explainer video

The use of circles were chosen to re-inforce the circular economy as part of the main messaging of the piece.

Circle Elements

The Alpha SV is the most iconic jacket that Arc’teryx has as it has been around for over 20 years, so it seemed fitting that it would be the centerpiece of the campaign, and appear in not just the video but also print and digital ads.

Hero Image: Alpha SV

The look and feel of the project was heavily inspired by various elements in the Arc’teryx Design Centre

Rulers, Cutting Mat, Grids, Materials, Gore-tex lining, zippers, thread, etc.

Design Elements from the Arc’teryx Design Centre

Arc’teryx has traditionally been a live action and high contrast photography brand so crafting an animated piece that utilized some of these traditional elements as well as a mix of some abstract animations was key in the success of the design being on brand yet having it’s own voice as a new initiative. The tone of the piece had to be a bit playful, not too serious & but also educational. 

early explorations

Concept & art Direction

behind the scenes

discarded art directions


behind the scenes & process

BTS & process

final frames

Social Channels

This was such a rewarding project to work on with such impactful content that aligned with my environmental impact values. It was a first for Arc’teryx to produce an animated video internally and I was so honoured to be able to take the lead on the animated video portion of this large pilot project for the company.

The video has been used to promote & educate viewers about the program resulting in 237k YT views, 12k Facebook views and 86k Instagram views - it was one of the most successful videos on the Arc’teryx Instagram channel.

the results

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