Prior Snowboards & Skis hosts an annual topsheet competition to showcase their new ski & snowboard season line up and to involve the local artistic talents of the Sea to Sky community.

This was my entry for the 2018.19 winter season - this illustration was selected as a finalist and was in the top ranking of applicants.

Personal Illustration

Prior ski/sb topsheet

The Brief

Art Direction + Illustration


Artwork coming soon

final Artwork

Concept & Art Direction

Our proximity to the ocean is a major factor in providing epic proportions of snowfall annually so this is a tribute to the “sea” portion of the “Sea to Sky” country.

Inspiration was drawn from a peculiar yet beautiful bioluminescent creature whose stark contrast to the dark ocean background makes for an interesting focal point. Jellyfish go with the flow, floating where the currents take them, propelling themselves into new waters. A similar flow of how we must travel through the mountains, constantly adapting to the conditions.

I was really drawn to the pinks/blues/purple gradients, a dark background and some green glow. I felt it could dipict an underwater scene in a stylistic way, but also represent ski culture with that colour palette 

colour blocking

Process video coming soon


Process & BTS

process & behind the scenes

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